Heartworms are a potentially life-threatening blood-borne parasite that dogs or cats can get from a single mosquito bite. A simple blood test can be performed to determine whether adult female heartworms are present in the bloodstream. Heartworm disease is more common in dogs than in cats, so annual testing along with monthly treatment for heartworms is recommended for all dogs. Cats are only tested based on a case by case basis, although monthly heartworm prevention is still recommended for all cats. A “Heartworm Test” is a tableside blood test used to check for adult heartworm infection. If positive, your veterinarian will discuss your treatment options with you. If negative, “heartworm prevention” products are recommended. These come in either a once a month, by mouth treatment at home, or a shot, ProHeart, that can be administered once every 6 months by your veterinarian. If your pets have not been on heartworm prevention, please contact us today to schedule this important test and get your pets protected.

Heartworm Testing

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